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How to Change iTunes Backup Location on Windows PC Step 1. Create a New iTunes Backup Folder on another drive Firstly, you should create a new iTunes backup folder on D Step 2. Rename old iTunes backup folder on system drive You can find the iTunes default location with the path we give Step Jan 09, 2012 · When you install iTunes for Windows, by default the Library location is in your local My Music folder. If you want to save space on your hard drive, change the location to an external or network Nov 10, 2019 · Explains how to change the location of the itunes backup folder location in windows 10 . Original location path : %userprofile%\Apple\MobileSync\Backup Jun 28, 2020 · You can easily change the phone location iPhone with some basic steps such as: You can easily change the iPhone location with click on setting options and select the iTunes & App Store. Login Apple ID with a password. After login, you can choose the Country/Region and select a new country. Jul 18, 2018 · Steps To Change Your iTunes Store Location 1.First of all, you can start by going to your ‘Settings’ on your iPad and click on the ‘iTunes & App Stores’ section. 2. Then a page as the one shown below will open up to you.

Nov 26, 2014 · Do you want to change the location of iTunes® backup folder on your Windows® 7 PC? Watch this video to change iTunes® backup folder location on a Windows® 7 PC. Useful videos : https://www

Change the location of the iTunes backup folder. After renaming the original backup folder, press SHIFT and right click on the folder. You should see a menu Choose Open command window here. Jan 21, 2020 · If you want to release the space of your partition or computer, there are two solutions to change iTunes backup location. Solution 1. Go to C:\Users\ [PC name]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\ MobileSync and copy the whole folder to the destination. What if you want to set the default destination?

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How to Change iTunes Backup Location - iFoneTips Nov 29, 2016 Jun 26, 2020 · Change the iTunes File Location in Windows 10 Open iTunes on your PC. Select Edit and Preferences. Select Advanced and Change. Select the drive or location where you want iTunes to store your media. Jun 22, 2020 · On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Open the Settings app. Tap your name, then tap iTunes & App Store. Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You might be asked to sign in. Tap Country/Region. Tap "Change Country or Region." If you don't see "Change Country or Region," contact Apple Support . Jan 04, 2020 · iTunes Media Folder Open iTunes, then click the Edit Menu (or the iTunes menu on a Mac) and select Preferences > Advanced. Click the Change button for your iTunes Media folder location, then Mar 11, 2020 · Change iTunes Store and App Store Country now: Tap on the option that says Country/Region to change your country. Select your new country from the list. Follow the on-screen instructions to add a billing address for this new country.