To give a bit more specific answer. HTML5 allows you to get the geo coordinates, and it does a pretty decent job. Overall the browser support for geolocation is pretty good, all major browsers except ie7 and ie8 (and opera mini).

If they accept, then the browser will use the best available functionality on the device to access this information (for example, GPS). The developer can now access this location information in a couple of different ways: Geolocation.getCurrentPosition(): Retrieves the device's current location. Sep 12, 2018 · Change GPS location on Android. Change Browser Location Country on Firefox. To change location on Firefox, you can use the browser addon – Location Guard. It’s available for Firefox 38.0 and higher. Simply install the addon and restart the browser. Once installed, click the Location Guard extension icon in your browser and select Option. Dec 10, 2019 · First, make sure you have location services enabled on your computer settings. For detailed steps, select whether you’re using a PC or Mac . Next, you’ll need to enable location services on your browser: Jul 03, 2020 · Opera uses Google Location Services to track your whereabouts. The first time you go to a website using the browser, it asks you to accept GLS' terms and conditions. After that, Opera will give you the choice of sending your location data, or not, whenever a website requests that information. Browser geolocation test detects your location using a built in geolocation feature. Geolocation support is opt-in. You should see a pop-up requesting authorization to share your location. Please select Share/Allow to continue. This may take a few seconds

My Current Location is a Web Apps that detects your location using GeoLocation data provided by your browser. This web application is built using the latest web technology called HTML5 / w3C Geolocation.

Jun 02, 2020 · The following functionality will be implemented to get user location from browser using Geolocation API and PHP. Get the latitude and longitude of the current user using HTML Geolocation API. Get the location by latitude & longitude using Google Maps Geocoding API and PHP. The Document.location read-only property returns a Location object, which contains information about the URL of the document and provides methods for changing that URL and loading another URL. Though Document.location is a read-only Location object, you can also assign a DOMString to it.

Jan 17, 2018 · An IP address lookup is another way to get the location of your visitor. We usually use public IP lookup services/APIs for this option. Some of these are paid services and some are free.

The Edge Browser start page weather tile defaults to a location that's different from the default weather location if I open Maps and weather open to the correct location. The settings tab for the computer location only allows a region--United States--nothing more specific. Some of the important features about Change Geolocation (Location Guard) addon are listed below. This is followed by an overview about this addon. This summary contains few words about the addon, its function and features. Next is FAQ, this section is useful to get information about how this addon works in your browser.