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Anyone can tell me how to resolve pc-name for a given IP address on local area network ? I went through many answers but no one helped me :/ I am mentioning all tricks I used below :: netstat -a nmblookup -A host nbtscan nbtscan arp -a nmap -sP No one resolved name of pc corresponding to given IP address. Solved: Finding all DNS aliases for a host using nslookup Name Server: dns.yourdomain.com Address: Trying DNS Name: server1.yourdomain.com Address: Then to get the aliases (CNAMES) for that domain: - > ls -a yourdomain.com This will give a list of hostname->hostname aliases. You can grep your hostname from this to find your alises. How to get an IP address from a server list script - WinCert Jan 29, 2016 How to get server, iis information like server ip, port This article is for retrieving all major information of hosting server and iis server like server ip address, operating system version, iis version, server computer name (machine name), current user, domain name, current executing file path, port number in which application is running etc. below is the .cs and .aspx code that is for getting major information about application hosted server and

Where to put the IP address into AmberPOS. When launching AmberPOS after a database connection failure it will launch into this screen: Just populate the "Server IP, Port" field with the server IP address and the port separated by a comma. Note: Only use the external IP address when connecting to a remote server that is at another location.

How to get server, iis information like server ip, port

Jul 14, 2008

The following article will help you get server IP or convert Host/Domain name to an IP address to enjoy complete internet freedom. Important Note: if any IP does not work then repeat this process as the IP information keep changing. how to get the server name using IP address - Unix if you want get server name you can use $ nslookup -t=ptr server_ip but back resolve must be correct. If PTR doesn't set -- you cann't get correct server name there are several methods to get name (if ptr doesn't set) but all they are not certain for sure How to Find My SMTP Server IP Address? Apr 11, 2013