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Method 1 Use HTTPS One of the easiest ways to access blocked content—and one that comes with the added benefit of plausible deniability—is to simply browse websites using HTTPS. Most school filters block access to sites on the common HTTP internet port 80, but they leave port 443 unblocked, which is what HTTPS generally uses. Apr 09, 2020 · Access Blocked Websites Using Proxy Servers Proxy servers is one of the simplest and most popular method to access blocked websites. Proxy servers are nothing but the online proxy servers which works on bypass network redirection to access block websites instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked. Access Blocked Websites in School With HTTPS Method Instead of HTTP, Use HTTPS. Yes, most school authorities tend to block access to the normal sites on the internet port 80 which is for HTTP. They sometimes leave port 443 unblocked. Feb 07, 2020 · Type in the URL of the blocked site you wish to visit. Click the button to get a shortened version of the URL. The website will generate the shortened version that you can paste into your browser to access the site. Even though the address looks different, it is like a code for the same address you submitted. If your school or office blocks a good portion of the web for "productivity's" sake, Redditor sidewayssammich shares a useful tip: just plug a site into Google Translate to view it. Just copy and 5. Access Blocked sites by Using Wayback Machine. Wayback Machine is a way which we can access the previous Look of any site from its files. Enter the URL of the blocked site and you can even get to the past forms of the site that are obstructed at your Place. 6. Use IP address rather than domain name Access Blocked Websites with a Proxy Server. Using a proxy server/proxy websites is a common way to bypass restrictions set by your institution. A proxy server acts like a mediator and whichever websites you visit through it are first downloaded on its server and then it serves you the downloaded pages.

Stop searching for ways to get online - while on school property ! You’re in school to learn - not use social media ! If you fail your finals - ALL you can look forward to is cleaning toilets at McDonalds ! Use social media in your own time - not

Clearly, the Internet and online applications are a major part of teen socializing. Blocked sites like Instagram and Snapchat are simply another medium to socialize and converse with other students – sure, they might not be school related, but think about how often you socialize with your friends on a daily basis – most likely quite often. How to Access / Unblock Blocked Sites in Colleges, School Many of Work Places Like School, Colleges and Offices Blocked Popular Sites because of some Reasons such as Concentration on Work, Increase Productivity. Many of College Students and Office Employees are not Able to Access those Sites that Blocked by School and Colleges.

Mar 27, 2020 · ProXPN VPN is the best software cum application to unblock websites and to access blocked websites in schools and colleges on Windows, MAC and Mobiles. Working algorithm is very simple. Before proceeding you have create an account at their website and later download and install ProXPN VPN by following on screen instructions carefully.

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