Sep 29, 2010

ip dhcp pool guest import all network default-router dns-server ! ip cef no ip domain lookup no ipv6 cef ! multilink bundle-name authenticated license udi pid CISCO891W-AGN-A-K9 sn FTX153085WL ! I'm trying to move my company's phone system from Cisco's CUCM to an asterisk solution. I have setup a PBXinaflash server, and setup an account with I was able to get it working. I could send/receive calls, and it connected to an IVR. Next I bought a Cisco 2821 ISR with a PRI card, as a backup for our current VOIP gateway. Jun 09, 2016 · Find answers to Cannot ping local interface on Cisco Router from the !! ip source-route ip cef!!!! no ipv6 cef! multilink bundle-name authenticated mpls label Jun 22, 2010 · multilink bundle-name authenticated!!!!! username rijo password 0 ccna archive log config hidekeys!!!!! interface FastEthernet0/0 no ip address shutdown duplex auto speed auto! interface FastEthernet0/1 no ip address shutdown duplex auto speed auto! interface Serial1/0 ip address encapsulation ppp serial restart-delay 0 Dec 28, 2018 · multilink bundle-name authenticated!!!! voice service voip allow-connections h323 to h323 allow-connections h323 to sip allow-connections sip to h323 allow-connections sip to sip redirect ip2ip sip bind control source-interface FastEthernet0/0 bind media source-interface FastEthernet0/0 registrar server expires max 500 min 60!! voice class codec 10

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ip cef ipv6 unicast routing ipv6 cef multilink bundle name authenticated key from CMIT CMIT 451 7 at University of Maryland, University College cisco - How to configure a 2821 ISR to an asterisk PBX on

multilink bundle-name authenticated. ppp mp binding-mode authentication. System view,Dialer-rule view. interface dialer number. interface dialer number. Dialer initerface view. dialer pool number. dialer user user-name dialer bundle number. Dialer initerface view. dialer-group group-number. dialer-group group-number

Solved: Route-based ipsec between cisco router end juniper Oct 10, 2010 Configure PPP (3.3) > Cisco Networking Academy Connecting Is bound to the multilink bundle using the multilink group number configured in Step 1. The following example shows multilink PPP configured between R3 and R4: Partial running-config for R3. hostname R3 ! interface Multilink 1 ip address ipv6 address 2001:db8:cafe:1::1/64 ppp multilink ppp multilink group 1! Configuracion Router Cisco 878 con Cable-Modem ip domain name yourdomain. com; ip name-server 190.160. 0.11! multilink bundle-name authenticated! crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-3686224669; enrollment selfsigned; subject-name cn = IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-3686224669; revocation-check none; rsakeypair TP-self-signed-3686224669!! crypto pki certificate chain TP-self-signed-3686224669