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Rotator Script | URL Rotator - Rotate Unlimited Links Sep 16, 2009 Join is non-profit 501(c)3, volunteer-led, and 100% member supported ministry to Sunday School. After submitting your registration form below, we will immediately send you an email that has an email v erification link in it. Adding a 45º rotation to a script - Unity Answers Adding a 45º rotation to a script I have this script below which moves a platform backwards and forwards. I would like to be able to add a rotation to it so that as the platform travels backwards and forwards it turns to face the way it is going. SSH Key Rotation -

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How to rotate a part around a point while retaining the

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Transform.rotation stores a Quaternion.You can use rotation to rotate a GameObject or provide the current rotation. Do not attempt to edit/modify rotation. Transform.rotation is less than 180 degrees. Transform.rotation has no gimbal lock. To rotate a Transform, use Transform.Rotate, which uses Euler Angles. If you want to match values you see in the Inspector, use the Quaternion.eulerAngles