Nov 20, 2019

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I logged in with his account and saw Items he purchased with my Paypal, worth 870$, I also saw a long list of Items in cart he might be using badly I was about to cancel all purchase, change his password, but i want to make sure my money is back and other people money is back

UGH! Add me to the list of ppl whose accounts got hacked Add me to the list of ppl whose accounts got hacked! Plus I did just add 2 step verification to my Paypal account. I had no idea Etsy just lets someone change your pwd and email like that, without you even being able to stop it. This has been a problem for the past 2 yrs now, from what I … List of 5,534 Hacked eBay Accounts Discovered List of 5,534 Hacked eBay Accounts Discovered. Christopher Boyd, Director of FaceTime Security Labs, a malware research firm, has found a list of hacked eBay logins. The list includes 121 pages and carries 5,534 eBay accounts, including usernames, passwords and mail address, as reported by ecommerceguide on October 15, 2008. MONEY PAYPAL FREE |PROOF (2020) IT WORKS