Again, it’s best not to jailbreak your iPad to keep it 100% safe and to keep it repairable, as most Apple Genius bars won’t work to help a jailbroken device.

Is jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad safe? - Macworld UK Jailbreaking is the act of changing the iPhone (or iPad) software to remove the restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple. With a jailbroken phone you can install software from a rival to Restore or Reset Jailbroken iPhone or iPad to factory settings Feb 17, 2014 Should I Jailbreak My iPhone? Reasons to or not to Once you have jailbroken your device, hackers may steal your personal information, damage your device, attack your network, or introduce malware, spyware or viruses. Part 4: Should I Jailbreak My iPhone? There is no denying that we can take many advantages from jailbreaking iOS. How to Restore A Jailbroken iPhone/iPad to Factory Settings

If you've got an iPhone XS, XR or a 2018 iPad Pro and don't care about not having access to Cydia to install the latest tweaks, you can follow the above steps and search for Chimera instead of

What can a jailbroken iPad do? First and foremost, multitasking! Backgrounder, an iPhone jailbreak favorite, works beautifully the iPad, allowing you to finally realize that elusive dream of How can I know if my Iphone is jailbroken? - Apple Community Feb 09, 2017

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Factory restore is an easy task for iOS user but when come to jailbroken iPhone/iPad, it gets a little harder. Some users want to restore their device to factory settings to restore the security features and warranty that jailbroken devices void, while others want to reset jailbroken … How to Tell if Your iPhone Has Been Secretly Hacked May 11, 2016 How To: Jailbreak Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad