Jun 07, 2018 · Q: How to delete my blogger account permanently after deleting my blog? You can’t. You need to understand that your blogger account is associated with the Google account and Gmail. You just can’t separate blogger from Google account. Hence, a blogger account can’t be deleted without deleting your gmail account.

How To Delete Gmail Account permanently In 2020 - How to Also Read: How To Delete Gmail Account On Android Phone Permanently. Delete Gmail Account permanently. So let’s start the step by step guide on how to delete gmail account permanently. 1. Go to my google account setting. 2. After that select “Data & Personallsation“. Delete specific Google services or your Google Account Delete specific Google services or your Google Account If you're no longer interested in using specific Google services, like Gmail or YouTube, you can sign in to your Google Account to delete them. You can even delete your entire account and all your data, like emails and photos.

1 day ago · Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Delete My Account” Step 3 A terms and conditions screen will appear, and after you’ve read it, click on “Continue to delete my account.

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How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently

Dec 03, 2018 How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently in Android Mobile Delete Gmail Account Permanently from Android: On the internet, I have seen that people are confused with two terms that one is to delete Gmail account from android or another is to delete Gmail account permanently on android.So guys In this tutorial we cover both articles. How To Delete Your Amazon Account Permanently [May 2020] May 01, 2020