For the more advanced features of DD-WRT, the app offers an easy-to-access window from right within the main menu. Simply tap the "Web Interface" button and a menu of options will appear. These options mirror those found in the web interface, and tapping on one will bring up the appropriate page in a window -- without having to go to a web browser.

DD-WRT firmware configuration. To complete the installation, all that remains is to enter the configuration script. We carry out the login to the application by connecting to the My WiFi Service on From the main screen, select Locations. Now change the location by setting "DD-WRT" in the "Device Type" box. Now My OpenDNS is not blocking web sites – OpenDNS I have reviewed the documentation and I am sill unable to get web sites blocked. My dashboard shows IP address, but my updater box shows IP address I am sure i have How to Install DD-WRT on Your Router at home or at the office

The DD-WRT firmware can use user/pass logon or only allows connections from clients whose public keys are manually entered via the web interface. Multiple keys can be entered by placing them on separate lines. If you want to use user/password to login using SSH use user "root" with the password you set in the webinterface

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Nov 04, 2015

HTTPS Web Gui is not working on some units - DD-WRT Web Gui is not working for me over https neither on LAN or WAN. Tested build 25179 and 25203 Tried an factory reset already. When i take a look over ssh and i see the http service "http -p 80" running. No service is running or listening on Port 443, when i take a look with netstat -tan How can I access the web admin interface of a DD-WRT I've just installed DD-WRT on an old router I had laying around. Router was working fine and web admin was accessible through I just installed DD-WRT and the firmware was flashed successfully. I can now sucessfully connect to SSID ddwrt, but I am unable to access the router admin interface to change the default settings. DD-WRT router troubleshooting – HMA Support Sep 25, 2019 DD-WRT set date manually - ITek Blog